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Hydrogen peroxide formula H?O?, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. Colorless transparent liquid, is a strong oxidant, the solution suitable for medical wound disinfection and environmental disinfection and sterilization of food.
Hydrogen peroxide zoning medical, military and industrial use three. Pharmaceutical industry as fungicides, disinfectants, and the production of pesticides and thiram 40l antimicrobial oxidants. Cotton fabric dyeing industry as bleaching agents, vat dyes hair color after dyeing agent.


Phosphoric acid is a common mineral acid, is a strong acid.
The main purpose
1. The main areas of phosphoric acid in water as a water softener, scale cleaning agents, and as a water treatment agent, phosphorus-based raw materials and the like. 2. The pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of glycerol phosphate, iron phosphate, zinc and other zinc phosphate often as by dental adhesives. 3, for the electronics industry, is used as acid cleaning etchant


Caustic soda have flake and granular,Caustic soda of pulp, soap, dyes, artificial silk, aluminum, petroleum refining, cotton fabric finishing, purified coal tar products, and food processing, wood processing and machinery industry and so on.


PAC=Polyaluminium Chloride;PAC is use for:1. Yes flocculant, mainly used for the purification of drinking water and special water treatment, such as iron, fluoride, in addition to cadmium, in addition to the radioactive contamination, in addition to floating oil. Also used in industrial wastewater treatment, such as dyeing wastewater. In addition, for precision casting, pharmaceutical, paper rubber, leather, petroleum, chemicals, dyes. 2. The PAC is used as water treatment agent in the surface treatment. 3. antiperspirant cosmetic main raw material.


Pine oil  is an essential oil, which is an important industrial raw materials


Sodium sulfate, an inorganic compound, sodium sulfate decahydrate, also known as thenardite, high purity, fine particles of anhydrous sodium sulfate was called. Sodium sulfate, white, odorless, bitter crystalline powder, hygroscopic.
Mainly used for:
1, the chemical industry for manufacturing sodium sulfide, sodium water glass and other chemical products.

2, the paper industry for the manufacture of kraft pulp cooking agent when.

3, the glass industry to replace the soda to do a co-solvent.

4, the textile industry for the deployment of Vinylon spinning coagulant.

5 for non-ferrous metallurgy, leather and so on.

6, used to make sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, enamel, also used as laxatives and barium salt poisoning antidotes.


Sulphonic aicd can be divided into two categories. Namely: food-grade sulfur, industrial sulfur.

Food-grade sulfur: sulfur in food production such as bleaching, effect of corrosion on the corn starch processing necessary materials, processing of dried fruits is also a very important role.

Industrial Sulfur: electronic semiconductors, plastics, latex, paper, pharmaceutical fine chemicals, industrial ceramics, building materials and products, auxiliary materials and other industrial sectors


Capoeira also called Carbomer (carbomer), is pentaerythritol with acrylic crosslinking acrylic crosslinked resins, is a very important class rheology modifiers, Kaposi during and after the gel matrix is excellent, thickening suspensions and other important purposes, the process is simple, good stability, widely used in lotions, creams and gels.


PVP = Polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinylpyrrolidone chemical name, but also writing PNVP, povidone, polyvidone, crospovidone, as a water-soluble polymer, which monomer is N-Vinylpyrrolidone (N- vinyl-2-pyrrolidone), is excellent performance, versatile water-soluble polymer, is a high-tech, high value-added fine chemical products, is an important international advocacy chemical intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.

PVP is use for the cosmetics industry、 the pharmaceutical industry and other industrial uses.


EDTA is an important complexing agent. EDTA is widely used as color photographic materials Processing bleach fixer, dyeing auxiliaries, fiber treatment additives, cosmetic additives, blood anticoagulant, detergent, stabilizer, synthetic rubber polymerization initiator, EDTA is a chelating agent representative substances. It can be a water-soluble alkali metal complexes, rare earth elements and transition metals to form stable.


Boric acid is used formulation buffer. Preparation of various borates. Cockroaches and black carpet beetle insecticide. Hemostatic and preservatives used in medicine.

Used as a pH adjusting agent, a disinfectant, antibacterial preservative; Preparation for borates, boric acid ester disinfection, optical glass, paint, paint, acid medicated soap, leather finishing agents, auxiliaries and medicine on the and the like.

For capacitor manufacturing and electronic components industry, high-purity analytical reagents, and preparation of pharmaceutical disinfectant antiseptic wash the exposed photosensitive material processing solution.

For glass, enamel, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, leather, dyes, pesticides, fertilizers, textile and other industries;


Oleic acid is a pale yellow, oily liquid, similar to the smell of lard. Long home air gradually become darker in color.
The main purpose
1. Preparation of plasticizer epoxy oleic acid oleic acid octyl ester and epoxy. The wool industry for the preparation of antistatic agents and lubrication softener. 2, the timber industry, for the preparation of water repellent paraffin emulsion; 3 can be used as drilling mud stuck lubricating agent. 4. as detergents, fatty acid soap matrix, cosmetics, chemical fiber oil, textile raw materials.


sodium percarbonate is white crystal or crystalline powder. Chao met releasable. It is a strong oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate addition compounds of sodium carbonate is mainly used as a bleaching agent and an oxidizing agent detergent, as well as chemicals, paper, textiles, dyeing and finishing, food, medicine, health and other sectors, cleaning agents, fungicides . Other uses of sodium perborate like can be used instead of sodium perborate to save boron salts.


Sulfam acid is an important fine chemical products, widely used in a variety of industrial equipment, metal and ceramic manufacture and civil cleaning agents, oil and treating agents and cleaning agents, agents of industrial electrochemical plating polishing agents, asphalt emulsifier, etching fields, dyes and pigments industrial medicine sulfonating agent, dyeing agent, and efficient bleach, fiber, paper with flame retardants, softeners, resin crosslinking accelerator, herbicide resistance, dry agent, and standard analytical reagent in.


sodium hypophosphite (commonly known as sodium hypophosphite)
The main purpose is to:
1. Chemical Plating: After plating of the metal surface with a corrosion resistant, uniformly dense, solid gold plating nickel phosphorus, can replace stainless steel, widely used in electronics, machinery, petroleum, manufacturing, aviation, marine , food, medicine and other industries;
2. To make plastics, ceramics, glass, quartz and other non-metallic surface metallization;
3. Water, preparation of various industrial preservatives and oil field inhibitor;
The food, industrial boiler water additives;
5. The chemical can be used as a catalyst, a stabilizer;
6. used as antioxidants; anti-bleaching agent; dispersant; textile finishing and pharmaceutical industries


Oxalic acid, namely acetic acid, one of the simplest organic dicarboxylic acid.
Main purpose:
1. Oxalic acid is mainly used in the production of antibiotics and other drugs borneol extract rare metals and solvents, dye reducing agent, tanning agent. 2. Mainly used as a reducing agent and a bleaching agent, mordant dyeing industry, also used to refine precious metals, synthesis of various oxalate, oxalate and OXAMIDE. 3. For synthetic urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine formaldehyde resin adhesive acidity regulator. 4. can be used in cosmetics, shampoo additives; mainly used in chemical industrial products manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of antibiotics and other medicines, printing and dyeing industry, leather industry widely uses; oil chemistry for terpineol, glycerol and hard fatty acid esters of refined like;

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